Decades of Wall Street and capital markets experience are rooted in our Financial Architect System™ training. 

"We've crafted this course for the entrepreneur who needs to raise a substantial amount of capital, without selling too much of their company's  common equity, too early for too little." 

– Timothy D. Hogan, Founder

Our Financial Architect Course™ is available in 3 learning categories: 

  • Start-Up & Early-Stage Companies
  • Later-Stage Companies 
  • Professional Service Providers

Course Descriptions

Start-Up & Early-Stage Companies

Start-Up & Early-Stage Financial Architect™

Free to enroll - Chapter 1 & 2 complimentary

This powerful course is for Start-Up & Early-Stage companies seeking seed or development capital. This course is designed for the entrepreneur who already has a foundation of business and business finance. Course objectives are ...

Later-Stage Companies

Later-Stage Financial Architect™

Free to enroll - Chapter 1 & 2 complimentary

This robust course is designed for Later-Stage companies seeking expansion capital. The course is designed as a true “power play” for the experienced entrepreneur of a later-stage company as they enter “shark infested” waters. Primary objectives for this course are ...

Professional Service Providers

Professional Financial Architect™

Free to enroll - Chapter 1 & 2 complimentary

This advanced course program is designed as an entrance for lawyers, accountants and Registered Investment Advisors seeking to join the legitimate world of corporate finance. Here, one learns ...

Our History

The Financial Architect System™

The Financial Architect Courses™ are exclusively delivered by Commonwealth Capital LLC

Located in the rich history of Chicago, Illinois, and steeped in decades of capital markets experience, the Financial Architect System™ was created by Commonwealth Capital LLC.

Founded in 1998, Commonwealth Capital is a hybrid venture capital management company comprised of former Wall Street investment bankers and securities regulators, as well as experts in deal-structuring, corporate governance, fraud prevention and securities regulatory compliance.

Commonwealth Capital now delivers the Financial Architect System™ formalized training courses for entrepreneurs, as well as professional service providers to the small business community. Our courses are designed specifically to enable entrepreneurs to effectively compete in the U.S. Capital markets, by legally by-passing financial institutions to access investor capital directly.


Commonwealth Capital, LLC was founded on a single principle of "The Advocate for the Entrepreneur." Commonwealth Capital saw the critical need of transferring the vast wealth of knowledge and decades of experience in successful, compliant and effective capital raising. Which is why our core mission is to empower a new generation of aspiring entrepreneurs with some of the most important knowledge and skills they will need in achieving their dreams of changing the world.


Our values are rooted in the core beliefs that opportunity has no bias, education has no master and success has no slaves. It believes entrepreneurial success should be forged through one's passion and knowledge in making the right decisions that lead to goal achievement. 

With the Financial Architect System courses, we believe the diverse playing field of entrepreneurs can be leveled by empowering everyone with the tools and training needed to achieve success. 


Timothy Daniel Hogan

Financial Architect™ Course Author

Mr. Timothy D. Hogan is the Founding Principal, CEO & Board Chairman of Commonwealth Capital, LLC. Mr. Hogan started his career as a stockbroker on Wall Street in 1984 and was with Merrill Lynch, E. F. Hutton, and Shearson Lehman Brothers. Director of Compliance for North American Financial Group, Inc. and North American Capital Advisors, Inc., a SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm. He has held seven (7) NASD securities licenses and registrations primarily of “Principal” status.

Russel C. Weigel, III, Esq.

Financial Architect™ Course Author

Mr. Weigel served Commonwealth Capital Advisors, LLC, and Commonwealth Capital, LLC, as Chief Legal Counsel between April 2014 and February 2020. Mr. Weigel has been the Commissioner of the Florida Office of Financial Regulation since March 2020 and is not associated with Commonwealth Capital Advisors, LLC, or Commonwealth Capital, LLC, at this time. Mr. Weigel is also the former president of InvestmentAttorneys, P.A., a Florida-based securities law firm, from 2005 to 2020, where he handled both securities transactional and securities litigation matters. Between 1990 and 2001, Mr. Weigel worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission as an enforcement attorney.

Ms. Mai Luu

Financial Architect™ Courses Executive Director, CPA

Ms. Mai Luu, CPA, CMA, CFE is the COO & a Board Director of Commonwealth Capital, LLC. Mai has worked in corporate accounting for various privately held companies since 2009. She is the founder of several US trademarked e-commerce brands that are starting to expand globally. Mai is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and has built and run her own Ethereum mining operation for several years. She is a member of the Small Business Committee of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) and a board member of the IMA Chicago Chapter.

Blake Woods

Financial Architect™ Courses Board Director

Mr. Blake Woods, MBA: Executive Director – Investment Policy Committee& Board Director, Commonwealth Capital, LLC. Blake is a co-founder of Jackim Woods & Co., a leading middle-market investment banking and M&A firm located in Chicago. Mr. Woods has over 35 years of experience in investment banking, mergers & acquisitions, consultative sales, business operations, and C-Level client representation in B-to-B environments. He has worked with subsidiaries of Fortune 50 companies as well as, privately held lower middle-market companies.

Jason Bennick

Financial Architect™ Courses Board Director

Mr. Jason Bennick, BBA, CBE, is a Board Director of Commonwealth Capital, LLC and currently President of Digital Innovation Group Holdings, LLC. Dating back to 1990, Jason has been building technology solutions and services. His technology career began in the documentary film & broadcast industry in California, overseeing production and distribution of over 500 educational videos and films in over 15 languages worldwide. He has since been building innovative business and FinTech solutions using emerging technologies. He is Chairman of the World for Human Rights, non-profit human rights advocacy.

Wesley Reid

Financial Architect™ Courses Board Director

Mr. Wesley “Wes” Reid is a Board Director of Commonwealth Capital, LLC and Cofounder and CTO at Product Lab LLC in Miami. Early in his career since 2001, he built custom business intelligence applications for trading floor use in commodities in Houston, Texas. He later led efforts at NYSE to upgrade the ILM (Issuer Lifecycle Management) platform, followed by joining American Express leading the global re-platform of 21 credit card products for consumers and the OPEN for Small Business sectors. As CTO of Commonwealth Capital, LLC’s Senior Management Team and a Director on the Executive Board, Mr. Reid’s responsibilities include the creation and oversight of all company technology solutions and services.


If you cannot find the answer to your question below please email:

  • Can I try before I buy it?

    YES! Course Chapters 1 & 2 are complimentary enabling you to make a “qualified decision” if this avenue is right for your company’s capitalization needs.

  • At what point do I pay for the course and how much?

    Chapters 1 & 2 of each course are complimentary, helping you make a qualified decision on your path to capitalization. Course pricing can be found on each Course Page by selecting that course on our site's top navigation menu. After completing complimentary Chapters 1 & 2, and before starting Chapter 3, you will be prompted for payment. At Checkout, you have the option to pay at once or elect to auto-pay in 5 monthly payments.

  • How long does a Financial Architect Course™ take?

    At an average learning pace, the Start-Up & Early-Stage Financial Architect™ will take about 40-50 hours, Later-Stage Financial Architect™ about 45-55 hours and Professional Financial Architect™ about 50-60 hours. Each course has been designed with staged learning examinations that build confidence, competence, and certainty of success.

  • Who should do a Financial Architect Course™?

    Anyone seeking to either raise substantial amounts of seed, development or expansion capital, as well as professional service providers seeking to assist in the process. There are 3 courses designed for 3 types of students. Start-Up and Early-Stage entrepreneurs should do the Start-Up & Early-Stage Financial Architect Course™. Entrepreneurs in a later-stage company would do the Later-Stage Financial Architect Course™. Industry professionals, such as lawyers, CPAs and registered securities professionals would do the Professional Financial Architect Course™.

  • Are Financial Architect™ courses available in any translated langauges?

    At this time, all course content is only available in English.

  • Can I do the course from a mobile device?

    We recommend you attend the course through a desktop or laptop access. The course however is a web-based program that can be accessed from any device. At this time the course is not a mobile application so may respond and format differently based on your device.

  • How long may I access the full course once I purchase a subscription?

    Students retain one year of privileged access to the course materials for reference, study and business use.

  • What about the Guarantee?

    If you complete the Financial Architect Course™; produce the required securities-offering document to the specifications, contained within the CEC (Corporate Engineering Conservatory™), for legal counsel review, and have attempted to raise capital for at least 90-days and are unsuccessful in raising any capital, we will refund 100% of the the course or CEC subscription(s) you have paid for.

  • How do I get in touch?

    You can email us any time regarding our Financial Architect™ course programs at and one of our team members should have a response to you by the following business day.